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WatersAbove™ : Exit Strategy Blueprint

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The 'Exit Strategy Blueprint' Course shares exactly how I plan to exit the market with a long term outlook and a comprehensive strategy that is easy to understand for all experience levels with cryptocurrency or investing. This Course is short and sweet. Direct and to the point, covering 8 different cryptocurrencies that my supporters voted on and most of these coins I personally hold. So you will be able to see exactly how I plan to take profit on all the coins reviewed in these lessons. This 'Exit Strategy Blueprint' shows how you can apply what you learn in these step by step videos to the coins you personally hold even if they aren't covered in this course, the methods and strategies are versatile and applicable to any crypto. The unique system of combining Gematria/Numerology/Astrology with Technical Analysis has given us an edge on the rest. Cryptocurrencies covered in the 'Exit Strategy Blueprint': -Bitcoin (BTC) -Ethereum (ETH) -Ripple (XRP) -VeChain (VET) -Theta Token (THETA) -Zilliqa (ZIL) -Hedera (HBAR) -Digibyte (DGB) [ disclaimer: This content is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research and use any materials in this content as entertainment and not Financial / Investment / Tax / or Legal advice. Important: This content is not financial advice, I (WatersAbove Crypto) am not a financial advisor. Any and all correspondence with (WatersAbove Crypto) is for entertainment purposes and not for Financial / Investment / Tax / or Legal advice. ]

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Exit Strategy, $77.77
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