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Having trouble accessing your course?

Watch Video Below

After purchasing a Course, you will have a private Account for this website.
In order to view your Course you will need to be logged into your account on my website to access the Course materials.

The Spaces App will NOT work for accessing my Courses
You can ONLY access my Courses directly from my website

If for some reason you lose access to your course or the website prompts you to
'pay for access'... DON'T WORRY, it's just because you were automatically logged out due to your computer / browser settings or inactivity on this website. It's easy to fix this problem!


1) Visit my website --> --> and log into your account
2) After logging in you will see some options / tabs at the top of the screen, select 'My Programs'
3) You will now see the program(s) you purchased
Example: "WatersAbove: Expansion Mastermind Course"
Then you're good to go!

Additional Troubleshooting Tips:
If the Tutorial Video and Troubleshooting information above doesn't seem to help, please consider the following tips below:
1) If you have a VPN Turned On: Please try turning OFF your VPN and then try logging back into your account with the steps above.

2) If you are on a Mobile Device (Cell Phone) or Tablet (iPad) please try the log-in process using your Laptop / Desktop computer instead.

3) If you are using Brave Browser, please try using Safari Browser instead (Safari is my recommended browser for viewing my Courses and seems to provide the most user-friendly experience.

If you are using Safari Browser on a Laptop / Desktop computer and are logging into your account on this website properly using the information provided in the Tutorial Video and Troubleshooting Instructions above, then this should cover 99% of issues
with accessing Courses. 

Now you should be good to go...
Enjoy the rest of your day in the Matrix!

FAQ's Section (Coming Soon)

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